Geothermal Heating - Residential Applications

One System, multiple applications

The EarthLinkedtm geothermal heating is the simple solution to a comfortable environment throughout your home. A single unit can provide space heating and cooling, and water heating, no matter the climate conditions. Because of its small size and mechanical simplicity the geothermal system is convenient, reliable and easy to maintain.

Geothermal heating and cooling

Thousands of families around the world use EarthLinkedtm to heat or cool homes of all sizes and styles. The system enables you to maintain comfortable and stable temperatures that you select year-round.

Geothermal air handling and radiant floor heat

EarthLinkedtm is designed for easy integration with various air distribution systems installed in your home to circulate hot or cool air depending on the season. Alternatively, you can connect to a geothermal radiant floor heating option to distribute heat evenly and efficiently throughout your home. With this configuration, heat is distributed through hot water circulated in a piping system in your floor. The radiant floor option provides up to 40% additional energy savings added to those already delivered by this geothermal heating & cooling system.

Geothermal Hot water

You can use our geothermal water heating to heat water up to 49C, optimizing your energy consumption and saving money. The system uses waste heat given off in the air-conditioning mode in summer or natural heat stored in the ground and harvested by the heating mode in winter. Either way, you can reduce your water-heating costs by as much as 75% compared to electric resistance heating.

Geothermal swimming pool heating

No matter the size of your pool, our geothermal technology can quietly heat the water to a comfortable temperature without harmful combustion byproducts all with the highest efficiency.

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Geothermal Installations

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